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ADHD? You are twice as likely to die early

An enormous study of almost 2 million participants over a 32 year period in Denmark has shown that people with ADHD are twice as likely have a premature death. Individuals who were not diagnosed until the age of 18 years or older had a risk of premature death of 4.25 times that of people of the same age, compared to 1.58 times for those diagnosed in childhood. The author of the study published by The Lancet “suggests that ADHD persisting into adulthood often represents a more severe form of the disorder.”

The increased deaths have been attributed to:

Antisocial disorders – which increase the risk of violence and crime

Substance use – leading to accidents and fighting

Inattention and impulsivity – increasing accidents and poor health habits

Risky behaviors – leading to health risks and accidents.

As an adult with self diagnosed ADHD, I can certainly recall some risks I’ve taken in the past that almost made me one of these statistics. In fact just three months ago I almost died in an accident whilst on holiday, partying in Central America.

Read more about the study on Medical News Today:

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